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104: Strengths Based Parenting

104: Strengths Based Parenting

Are there some things your child is naturally better at than other people? What if you could spot those areas of talent and turn them into strengths? That's what this episode is precisely about. In This Episode, You Will Hear About: The importance of knowing your own strengths Why the Strengths-Based parenting approach to raising children is crucial How to notice, appreciate, support, and build on your child's talents The difference between focussing on your child's weakness versus managing their weakness How to cultivate your child's interests and turn them into strengths  Resources Mentioned During the Episode: If you don't know your own strengths, read StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Gallup Have a child that is 15 years old and above? Read CliftonStrengths for Students Have a child between 10 to 14? Read StrengthsExplorer for Ages 10 to 14 Strengths Based Parenting: Developing Your Children's Innate Talents  Listen to our episode about a Strengths Based Marriage  How To Raise Resilient, Gritty, and Passionate Kids Why We Need To Teach Our Kids To Fail  Quotes and Tweets: What would happen if we studied what was right with people versus what’s wrong with people? – Don Clifton  We must look on children in need not as problems but as individuals with potential … I would hope we could find creative ways to draw out of our children the good that there is in each of them. — Archbishop Desmond Tutu Strengths-based parenting does not ignore weaknesses, but learns and teaches how to manage them.  Watch for these four indicators of budding talent: Yearnings, rapid learning, satisfaction, and timelessness.  Spot what the areas of talent are for our children and then pour the investment into them to grow into strengths.  Subscribe and Connect With Us: Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Play Spotify Instagram - @imbetweenshow Twitter - @imbetweenshow Facebook - @imbetweenshow Pinterest - @imbetweenshow YouTube - @imbetweenpodcast And don't forget to subscribe to our podcast, so that you will never miss an episode!

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