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106: A Conflict-Free Marriage Is Not The Goal

106: A Conflict-Free Marriage Is Not The Goal

Do you believe that not having conflict with your spouse is a sign of a healthy marriage? While, it may seem like couples that don’t disagree or argue, seem to have a good marriage, there is more to the story. On Episode 106, Daniel and Christina discuss why a conflict-free marriage should not be your goal.  In This Episode, You Will Hear About: The difference between solvable and perpetual conflicts Three important perspective shifts when approaching perpetual conflict with your spouse What the 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse are Criticism Contempt Defensiveness Stonewalling  Why the 4 Horsemen are so dangerous to your marriage How winning an argument is actually losing  Resources Mentioned During the Episode: The 7 Principals For Making Marriage work by Dr. John Gottman Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Dr. John Gottman The Relationship Cure: A 5 Step Guide To Strengthening Your Marriage by Dr. John Gottman Created For Connection by Dr. Sue Johnson  4 Keys to Surviving Marital Stress 7 Ways To Breathe Life Back Into Your Marriage (interview with Karen Ehman)  4 Things To Remember When Marriage is Hard  Marriage: The Good, The Hard, and The Beautiful (interview with Gary Thomas)  Quotes and Tweets: Your spouse is not the enemy. @imbetweenshow If you win an argument, you actually both lose. @imbetweenshow 69% of problems in a relationship are perpetual. They are unsolvable. @Gottmaninst In every conflict there is a conversation the couple needed to have, but the fight occurred instead. @Gottmaninst Instead of seeing your spouse as the enemy, see your spouse as intimate allies against the war of misunderstanding. @Gottmaninst Once you accept the idea that in every disagreement there are always two valid points of view, it’s no longer necessary to argue for your own side. @imbetweenshow Instead of avoiding conflict as a whole, next time you and your spouse are in a heated discussion, remember that a conflict-free marriage is not the goal. @imbetweenshow Subscribe and Connect With Us: Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Play Spotify Instagram - @imbetweenshow Twitter - @imbetweenshow Facebook - @imbetweenshow Pinterest - @imbetweenshow YouTube - @imbetweenpodcast And don't forget to subscribe to our podcast, so that you will never miss an episode!

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