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MIni Episode 12 | Teaching Our Kids To Love Others By Gathering Around The Kitchen Table

MIni Episode 12 | Teaching Our Kids To Love Others By Gathering Around The Kitchen Table

You’ve heard the old saying, “More is caught than taught?” Well, this rings even truer as our children observe who we spend time with, who we shy away from, who we shake hands with, or who pretend we don’t see. If we want our children to learn to love God and love others, we can start by practicing hospitality.   The Gift Of Hospitality: 1:32 What is hospitality?  2:27 The grander purpose of hospitality  2:48 The power of imperfection  Resources And Quotes Mentioned During This Episode: Talking To Your Kids About Racism and Empathy  In a world that is hurting and longing for hope, we can be the ones that share the good news of the gospel—that they are seen, heard, loved, made in the image of God, and redeemed. We can show them grace. @imbetweenshow How To Raise Kids That Change The World If we really believe in the power of imperfections, that they put people at ease and allow us to truly to connect, then we won’t have to erase all signs of imperfection and real life before we invite people over. We’ll realize that sharing some of our everyday imperfection is an essential part of connection with people. We don’t have to finish every project, redecorate every room, overthink or over spend. People remember being loved, welcomed, invited, and thought of. @thenester The IMbetween Podcast Drops Twice a Week Now?! Got 10 minutes? Tune in every Friday to hear practical ways of how you can continue to build strong, connected, and joy-filled marriages and families. Make sure to subscribe to The IMBetween Podcast, so you don't miss any episodes NOW dropping on Tuesdays and Fridays!   Subscribe and Connect With Us: Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Play Spotify Instagram - @imbetweenshow Twitter - @imbetweenshow Facebook - @imbetweenshow Pinterest - @imbetweenshow YouTube - @imbetweenpodcast

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