The Reproductive Dilemma Of Pro Choice Versus Pro Life

The Reproductive Dilemma Of  Pro Choice Versus Pro Life

During the show, we will discuss issues facing abortion and the rights of women. Our topic is "The Reproductive Dilemma of Pro Choice Versus Pro Life" The 1973 Supreme Court ruling of Roe V. Wade is being challenged today. Women are fighting for their rights in 2019. Alabama just passed a law that makes it a crime for women to abort even in the cases of rape or incest. I would love for you to call in and voice your opinions on this matter. Let's talk about the issues facing our women. Should a woman have the right to abort a child? Does the govenment have the right to say what a woman does concerning her reproductive organs? Are you pro choice or pro life? Is the law passed in Alabama too extreme? We will address these issues and so much more during the show. Join in the discussion by calling during the live broadcast. Let your voice be heard.

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