Hear On Out



Hey everyone! Here's the trailer for Interpreteen! Everyone here is learning the ropes as we begin our podcasting journey so stick with us; we're giving it our all to get this project off the ground. From ideas to editing, it's gonna be all hands on deck to make this thing the best it can be for you all. We'll see you on the 3rd of March for our first proper episode. All the best, - The Interpreteam; Seraphina, Katy, Jess, and Margot. (ba-dum tish) ~~~ Send us a voice message here: anchor.fm/interpreteen/message Email us topic requests, debate votes, and your thoughts at interpreteenpodcast@gmail.com!  New episodes weekly! And this shows you read all the way to the end! Here's a smiley face, and here's to many more as we begin! :D

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