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S.02 E.08 – Joy Von Spain of Eye Of Nix

S.02 E.08 – Joy Von Spain of Eye Of Nix

Hailing from Seattle, we are joined by frontwoman Joy Von Spain from progressive blackened doom quintet Eye Of Nix. Three albums in, Joy discusses the many elements and factors that went behind the new album “Ligeia”, and her influences that accumulated into where she is today personally and artistically. Ligeia is an album that takes the listener through a journey of the beautiful and the darkness simultaneously. A record not for the faint of heart, but at the same time a record to catch the listener off guard while crossing boundaries into new territories. She explains everything in-between from the album art to production to lyricism. Listen in to this in-depth conversation with this talented artist and make sure to buy/stream Eye of Nix's newest epic, “Ligeia”, out now on Prophecy Productions.

Duration: 44 min

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