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S.02 E.11 - Jeff Williams of Onslaught

S.02 E.11 - Jeff Williams of Onslaught

U.K. thrash metal group Onslaught are back with a fury with their 7th studio album “Generation Antichrist”. Bassist Jeff Williams joins our podcast today, and this is a conversation you need to listen to believe. One of the more humble artists we've had on our show, he dives into the makings and influences that came into bringing this new record to life – Including his own personal upbringing. One of more crazier and unique stories he tells about is a time when Onslaught once opened for the Backstreet Boys. Onslaught has been through it all, and with Generation Antichrist – its this pummeling sound of grooves and bangers they have mastered throughout their 40 year career of blood, sweat, tears, and thrash. Listen in on this unique episode and pick up Generation Antichrist out August 7th on AFM Records.

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