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S.02 E.12 - Brian Ortiz and Jason Brunes of Xibalba

S.02 E.12 - Brian Ortiz and Jason Brunes of Xibalba

We are joined by California death metal outfit Xibalba – Guitarist Brian Ortiz and drummer Jason Brunes from the band talk about their newest epic “Anos en Infierno” and the experiences they both went through in the 5 year gap from their previous album. A lot of personal growth, friendships, hardships, and life changing occurrences were shared between the members. A band showing dedication to their passion of playing music, and stories of touring and meeting other talented musicians in the industry fill this episode of the epitome of just having a great time and making the best of any situation. Tune in now to this unfiltered episode discussed with Brian and Jason and make sure to pick up Xibalba's newest album, “Anos en Infierno” out now on Southern Lord Recordings.

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