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S.02 E.14 – Matt Greiner of August Burns Red

S.02 E.14 – Matt Greiner of August Burns Red

45 countries, 6 continents, and almost 1900 shows encompassed in nearly 2 decades of playing. Drummer Matthew Greiner from August Burns Red has taken in all that experience that helped shape him into the person he is today. Being a positive influence on the younger generation is a humble notion for him, and yet he still maintains the course to push himself to be a better person and drummer today than he was yesterday. Listen in as we dive into his life influences, touring perspectives and giving drum lessons, his local Lancaster farm which he calls his favorite place in the world, and the positive impact the new album “Guardians” has had on the fans and listeners around the world. August Burns Red new album “Guardians” is out now via Fearless Records. Pick it up now!

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