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S.02 E.17 – Jennifer Haben of Beyond The Black

S.02 E.17 – Jennifer Haben of Beyond The Black

The mesmerizing Jennifer Haben from German symphonic metal quintet Beyond The Black is our guest in todays episode. Haters aren't a group Jennifer has time for, and rightfully so, as she talks about the bands lineup changes and the newest album “Horizons” they have just dropped. Bands can change their sound as they mature over their career, and Beyond The Black has evolved in the area which works to their advantage. Jennifer dives in head first on the challenges they faced and how this album ended up shaping into their potentially best. Many topics are touched on, including the drive-in live concert festival they performed in a few weeks back called LiveSommer 2020 in Germany. Performing in front of parked cars isn't the norm for any live musicians, but Jennifer embraces the opportunity to make the best of the worlds situation. A great episode we have in store here, listen in now and make sure to pick up Beyond The Black's new album “Horizons” out now on Napalm Records.

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