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On The Move

23-year old Kaylee Sawyer mysteriously disappeared late one Saturday evening in Bend, Oregon in 2016 after attending a bachelorette party with friends. The trail quickly goes cold, until a Central Oregon Community College Security Officer embarks on a 72 hour, two state crime spree. What he claimed was all a tragic accident - quickly proves one of Oregon’s most gruesome murders. One that would change the legislative landscape of the state... forever.     Sponsor: - Visit the link for a 30-day trial and audiobook, absolutely FREE!  Special Promo:  Killafornia Dreaming Visit Invisible Choir on the web:  Patreon - Invisible Choir Premium:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:   Written/Audio Sources:  Edwin Lara Interrogation Isabel Ponce-Lara turns her husband in for killing Kaylee Sawyer Edwin Lara confesses to the murder of Kaylee Sawyer Edwin Lara's Facebook live during crime spree 911 call made after Edwin Lara shot a man at a California motel Edwin Lara in court Edwin Lara admits killing Kaylee Sawyer Urge to Kill Episode 4: The Chase KAYLEE REMEMBER Teen returns home after kidnapping by Bend murder suspect Kaylee Sawyer's boyfriend calls 911 to report her missing Bend DA summarizes Kaylee Sawyer murder case Stepmother explains need for 'Kaylee's Law' HER MURDER LED TO A CHANGE IN STATE LAW. CAN A PODCAST HELP SPUR NATIONAL ACTION? Kaylee Sawyer's body found in canyon west of Redmond Urge To Kill Episode 6: 18700 Ángel Maturino Reséndiz Federal judge issues 2nd life sentence for Edwin Lara, a campus security officer turned killer, armed kidnapper Timeline: Kaylee Sawyer’s death, suspect’s arrest Kaylee's Law Passes Unanimously  Hearings provide new details in killing of Oregon woman Forensic Expert Describes Bloody Crime Scene Edwin Lara gets life in prison for murder of Kaylee Sawyer Court docs: Suspect in Bend womans killing hit her with car, disposed of body Man facing murder charge in Oregon woman's death Edwin Lara sentenced to life without parole for 2016 murder of Bend woman Family: Salem woman was abducted by suspect in Bend murder Oregon governor signs Kaylee’s law, spurred by Bend murder by campus security officer   Music & Sound Effect Sources Opening Track: “Backweight” by Jay Varton Closing Track: “Humdrum Days” by Franz Gordon All music and sound effects used with express permission under unlimited blanket license authority from Epidemic Sound ®.  Individual sources are available via request at

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