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The Family Friend

The Family Friend

48-year old Dana Wilkes mysteriously vanished from Chattanooga, Tennessee the evening of Friday, November 9th - 2012.  A concerned family friend who was the last person to see her alive, turned out to have a dark past, and was hiding an even darker secret. A secret that police wouldn’t piece together until Dana’s badly mutilated body turned up two weeks later, in a spot eerily reminiscent of an unsolved 2002 homicide.  Sponsor: - Visit the link for a 30-day trial and audiobook, absolutely FREE!  Try Invisible Choir UNCENSORED for FREE.  Learn more at Special Podcast Promo:  CrimeLapse True Crime   Visit Invisible Choir on the web:  Patreon - Invisible Choir Premium:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:   Written/Audio Sources:  Autopsy Shows Dana Wilkes' Head Still Missing Tony Bigoms re trial Witness saw Bigoms meet up with Dana Wilkes before murder Bigoms Sentenced for Abuse of a Corpse Gruesome Testimony in Bigoms Murder Trial Prosecutors lay out timeline in Day 2 of Tony Bigoms' retrial UPDATE: Tony Bigoms found guilty of murder in retrial sentenced to life in prison STATE v. BIGOMS Jailhouse Interview, Man Mourns His Wife Body ID Missing woman's husband believes she's dead Police, Family Mum About Body Found Off Youngstown Road Tony Bigoms trial Family of missing woman: "She can't go this long without her insulin" Missing Chattanooga Woman Bigoms Found Guilty Found Guilty of Murder Tony Bigoms Retrial Convicted Chattanooga Murderer Back In Court Biggoms sentenced Autopsy today for partial human remains found near Youngstown Rd. Chattanooga: Family awaits identification on body found Sunday Partial remains of body found in Chattanooga awaits ID Husband of missing woman speaks out from a jail cell Man thinks missing wife is dead, friend may be responsible (with video) Bigoms Gets 8-Year Sentence In Attempted Rape Dana Wilkes expressed fear towards Bigoms days before murder Tony Bigoms guilty of first-degree murder, corpse abuse in 2012 killing of Dana Wilkes UPDATE: New trial date for Tony Bigoms STATE OF TENNESSEE V. TONY EDWARD BIGOMS   Music & Sound Effect Sources Opening Track: “Come Together” by Ooyy Closing Track: “7 Magnets” by Luwaks All music and sound effects used with express permission under unlimited blanket license authority from Epidemic Sound ®.  Individual sources are available via request at

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