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20: Tears Left To Cry

20: Tears Left To Cry

Liz & Sarah discuss crying. Why do we cry? What can we learn about ourselves and our loved ones when we cry? How can we see crying as a strength and not a weakness? Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review! Simash New York is a clothing brand that we are SO excited about. DM Liz or Sarah, or both of us at @itsfineimfinepod to order. You can also DM @SimashNewYork to order. Just use code “IFIF” for $10 off your first sweater! IFIF has teamed up with two awesome brands, Simash & BetterHelp. As you may know, BetterHelp can bring you affordable online professional counseling. Head to ( to get 10% off your first month of service today!

Duration: 44 min

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