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006: Name It and Claim It

006: Name It and Claim It

 Name it and Claim it - Securing your Social Real Estate So have you noticed most Brands these days have a certain look and feel to all of their Marketing material including their Social Media channels. Well Ladies, this is one area most big brands are on point with. This is a great way to solidify your brand as well as keeping it simple for your target to find you across any social platform. Take my word for it,  these tips will help you keep your sanity once you get more involved with  your social media content. I mention a great tool in this episode to help you lock down a name that will compliment your brand or verify your actual Business name is available still across most Social Media sites currently operating. QuoteSpiration [Tweet ""Will you just pick out a nice sensible name for me - something not too long, not too fancy, and not too dumb?" ~ E.B White, Charlotte's Web, p182 @jobopt"] Key Take aways Cohesive name across all platforms Own your Domain name Secure top 3-4 social media platforms Be clear naming your Business not just clever   Book of the Day Authority Positioning: How to become the leader in your niche by Leonardo Habegger   Business Resources Wix Blogger   Links  @JobOpt Job Optional Community facebook Subscribe on iTunes

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