Alysia Montano, Molly Huddle, Roisin McGettigan

Aliphine Tuliamuk: Running For Independence and Opportunity

Aliphine Tuliamuk: Running For Independence and Opportunity

CatchupAlysia catches us up on having baby number 33-baby blues hit, Alysia talks new parent struggles and ppd/blues and Social Distancing struggles6:45-Molly catchup on trials and uncertainty as races are cancelled9:30-Alysia has finished her book Feelgood Fitness-preorder available on11:40-inspiration for the fitness book-accessibility for all abilities, inspired by her 67 year old Mom (and Astor says hi!)13:45-Ro’s news!Ali T!14:45- intro Aliphine, Marathon Olympic Trials champ and 10 time USA champion16:45-uncertainty amidst Corona Virus cancellations and quarantines19:45-Corona Virus in Kenya21:30-Growing Up in Posoy, West Pokot , Kenya20:45-Being of two worlds-Kenya and America“ without growing up in kenya I don’t know that I would be the person that I am today, without the experiences of experiencing a hard life, and I think that hard life that I had earlier made me appreciate the things that I do have today...I’m a very proud Kenyan-American.”42-How do we feel about changing allegiance?44-How Aliphine grew to want to compete for and live in USA47-Nationality as an identity in the melting pot of America49- Aliphine speaks on being between countries,  common immigrant experience: you have roots in the new country so to leave it would be hard, and returning is strange when the old country has changed since you were there.50-being a woman in Kenyan culture“If you got married you became part of a property of a man and his family...back then a woman didn’t have anything, like a woman doesn’t own anything, but then for me now I have the freedom of being able to get myself something,like when I bought my first house here it made me very happy because I came here with 100 dollars…. And having something that is mine that no one is gonna claim, that right there is independence that I don’t know if I had not ran or came to america I don't know if i would have had that independence. This is something that really makes me appreciate where I am and the opportunities that I have...I want to take that message to those little girls and tell them you can be indepent too...they don’t have a vision of being independent and I want them to know that they have a chance that they can do that”59-system of spouses controlling athletes contributing to doping in Kenya60:30-CoronaVirus again-how Aliphine is staying positive1:03-AliT Resiliency Beanies -she has an employee now! Business has expanded1:04-Aliphine’s string of injuries in 2018/2019 and how she dealt with themAli T resilience Hats on etsyAliphines story:“So much of my identity is running but I am more than a runner, I’m someone who...whenever I can, likes to interact with my community and offer support.  I want people to relate with me first as a human being, as a person who loves crocheting, who loves gardening, who grew up from a big family, who grew up from a lot of challenges.”

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