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Going Deep With Sally Kipyego

Going Deep With Sally Kipyego

Sally intro and update on her situation staying in Kenya more, Coronavirus effects in Kenya, her home on the farm w fam Kevin and EmmaTrains solo , has help at home16-Motherhood and training , a lot of struggles in the 2 years post baby“ I will always be a mother before I’m an athlete, always”Lots of illness and body not cooperating21-training while pregnant: USA vs Kenya24-Sally’s struggles to train while pregnant, didn’t run but walked after 17 weeks pregnancy25-how to deal with not running when it’s such a big part of identity“There were times where I felt like I was kind of losing the battle in that (running thru pregnancy) aspect,because my fellow athletes where doing so well and they were managing it. I think i didn’t prepare myself enough for if i couldn’t run”“The public eye is showing these women who are soing really well and thats fantastic i think thats a great think, but Theres a risk that comes with that, because if cant achieve that  you almost feel like your preg or your journey is not as important...i just want to say it’s as important, that stage in your life is a wonderful stage, it should be celebrated weather you can run go to the gym 7 da week until you deliver or if you can’t move 2 feet until you deliver”30- Sally racing NYC marathon a few weeks pregnant35-When Sally decided to fit motherhood into her careerSociety’s (Kenya for ex) pressures on women vs own decisions to have family43-Sally’s school she helped build in Kenya, and on being a woman in a male dominated culture: education is such an important equalizer49-Sally’s role models and being enlightened by seeing USA, motivated by how important education is54-Sally’s sisters, married and had children young, ages 16 and 17(not going to highschool limits education, but also limited chance to participate in sports, they probably had similar great talent)58-Is Sally famous in Kenya?!Why She’s “Mamma-Emma”1:01-Kenyan running community, from doping to popularity and celebrity“Running is huge in kenya, it’s like being in the NFL in the US”“The younger generation, they think to run well you must dope”And there are issues in USA too: She makes a point to distinguish herself from Oregon Project in Portland (she is Oregon Track Club w Mark Rowland in Eugene)Needing to cultivate a culture of hard work rather than win at all cost in Kenya“If we have enough role models that are doing good, and for the young people to realize you can be good without ever cheating- I think that’s the greatest thing we can do as athletes. And I think we need to go back to really redefining what greatness is… you don’t have to be 1 to be great, just do your best and give 100%, and value that in our kids…”1:14- What part of Sally’s story she wants to shed more light on:That the mother, athlete and family member she is are all entwined. (great athletes aren’t robots-they’re whole people!)“ The mother (in me) is so much linked to the wife and so much linked to the athlete. The qualities that I try it to accomplish as an athlete are almost the same qualities that I’m trying to accomplish and trying to master and trying to learn as a mom and as a wife, like for example ...if im trying to be a good mom im trying to be diligent i'm trying to be disciplined im trying to be considerate,im trying to be forgiving, im trying to be patient i want to be loving. I want to be disciplined , I want to be diligent, I want to be faithful to my running.”Ro-Sally “knows how she wants to show up in the world” what’s next for Sally and how to follow her 

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