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Molly Seidel-Becoming A Marathoner And Olympian

Molly Seidel-Becoming A Marathoner And Olympian

Molly Seidel Our catchup:Alysia launches &mother!(fact check: here is the article on Alex Morgan sponsored while pregnant story: Head to EricaSara designs for &mother jewelry and check out our tank tops out on march 29 to support &mother! Interview:Where Molly is during the quarantine: back home in wisconsinHow hard the isolation  is if you live alone4-Barrista life: She is a Pro Runner first, and barrista on the sideWhy she does it: balances her life10-15 diving into the trials race: what she felt before during and after . going from first marathon to first Olympic Team15-how her attitude of low expectation and having fun/being present buffered negative emotions, the atmosphere being exciting and having a big support crew 17-working with Aliphine in last 6 miles, how she looks up to her advice of doing the training that works for her and not comparing to others20-her injury history the last 2 years was really hard. Bone density issues from eating disorder affected her first 2 years as a pro Had to find out who she was if she didn’t have running23-her buildup to the trials, changed training back towards what worked in college (more moderate workouts and higher mileage), focus on overall health26-letting her goals unfold rather than pushing through injuries and unhealthy stages to hit goalsOutcome goals vs process goals-it’s where joy is. How she did not enjoy her college success because she wasn’t healthy“Frankly my last two NCAA championships, like there was no joy in those. I was mentally unwell”31-Molly’s lessons from college (link to Julias Hanlon's Running on Om podcast ep 225)*footlocker stat: Thanks for the research Sara Slattery!" The race has been run since 1979 and there have been 41 Champions on the men’s side, 12 have become NCAA Champions and 7 of them have made Olympic teams.  Yet on the Women’s side there have been 4 NCAA Champions, and only 1 Olympian (Now 2 Olympians as of February 29, 2020 with Molly Siedel making the marathon team, despite overcoming some of these issues herself).”Why aren’t our best female jr athletes becoming our best sr athletes?Many girls fall through the cracks for reasons to do with female athlete body, mental health, womanhood etc36-How Molly made it through this-good support system, not everyone has this“(That running is  a small  part of who you are as a person) I think that’s really important to someone in a vulnerable state or for kids to hear; you are more than this sport you’re doing.40-Sponsor support: Saucony is unique in their support of the whole athlete in this industry-gave Molly a chance, a smaller deal than she normally would have earned but with time and understanding for her to heal and develop45-how covid is affecting her career and future Olympic berth49-what her training is like now during the quarantine and what races are in her future53- Molly’s story-it takes hard work and time to make an Olympic team-you never fully get over an eating disorder, it’s a lot of checking in, adjusting and awareness to stay on healthy path

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