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Pregnant Trials Marathoners Lauren Philbrook and Rachel Hyland on Sisterhood, Motherhood and Being a Woman-Athlete

Pregnant Trials Marathoners Lauren Philbrook and Rachel Hyland on Sisterhood, Motherhood and Being a Woman-Athlete

Catch up0-11 Molly Ro and Alysia update on Pandemic related changes in Bay Area CA, Scottsdale AZ, PVD RIRo’s healthy mind platter chartlink14-olympic postponement21-Introducing our two Guests Lauren Philbrook and Rachel Hyland25-check our insta for t-shirt winners!Interview!Lauren - still has 3.5 more weeks until baby-with Pandemic, now is an uncertain and anxious time to be pregnantRachel- due june 1, more uncertainty now, Dr. appointments are pushed back, done virtual etc4-decision to run the trials pregnant (the women were 27 weeks and 33 weeks along) and how much they were running in third trimester7-what they represented out on the trials course:Link Rachels blogPriorities shift with family but you can still have goals, her goal was adjusted but still held on to itRachel: “I was one of 500 who qualified and we’re all in a different place-I was in the middle of a pregnancy, Lauren was 33 weeks, someone else may have had a miscarriage, you just never know. Everyone was on their own little journey and I was just part of that.”12-Lauren: “I was actually a little bit worried that maybe some people would think I wasn’t taking this very serious event very seriously so that was probably  my biggest hesitation about running in it, and then having the support from Rachel and then my husband and my friends  here were like “no….” you qualified there is no reason why you can’t go run too “. “How supportive and encouraging everyone was to us, I was just blown away, I’ll never forget that feeling”13-Rachel was 4th in 2018 Boston Marathon15-Rachel: “Staying connected to the running community while I’ve been pregnant has been super important, so I think that’s another thing maybe I was, another reason that got me to the start line was being connected, cus I really needed that-I needed my running community this year in particular, even if I might have been running slower-but you don’t have to remove yourself from the competitive running community just cus you’re pregnant”16-Olympic postponement effects on these ladies-how it affects family planning18-Rachel and Lauren have other careers and balance running and family 23- Loosening your grip on perfection as an athlete who is used to chasing excellence-how those high expectations shift when you have family, work, and sport performance27- Rachel and Lauren’s story(link Runnersworld and WR story)Lauren-looks to women who are working, running at a high level and have families. It’s personally inspiringRachel-Also looks to for ex to teachers pursuing another passion aside from teaching-running is similar(link salty womens running pregnant training logs)33-lauren: “One thing i really like that Stephanie said...I’m not saying you have to run a marathon too just because I did , you can do whatever feels most comfortable to you….do what feels right to you, it doesn’t have to be a marathon, you can run if you like to and what’s comfortable, I feel like that’s what’s... appreciated”34:30 What it means to have each other during this time of their lives: they inspire each other to run post collegiately, and share first pregnancy experience

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