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Running While Black : A Conversation Around Race With Alison Desir-Activist, Runner and Mother

Running While Black : A Conversation Around Race With Alison Desir-Activist, Runner and Mother

Note: We recorded this prior to the murder of George Floyd. We don't mention his murder in the show, and actually worried that the attention on race issues in running (and America in general) brought by Ahmaud's murder would start to fade too soon. As you can see, this is an even more essential discussion now. Check out the website for the rest of the show notes! Alison’s Bio: Alison holds her BA in History, MA in Latin American and Caribbean Regional Studies, and EdM in Counseling Psychology, all from Columbia University. She is a Mom, activist (Harlem RunRunforAllWomenGlobalWoman RunCollective) Endurance athlete, mental health counselor,  author, and speaker.Catchup:0-6 news with us -Alysia is getting somewhat back to her regular schedule/self, Molly’s heading back to RI, Ro’s Dare To Believe is on TV in Ireland7-Alison Desir our guest and introducing Race and Running11-Alysia reads @TheConsciousKid educational post on White Privilege (bc instagram was taking it’s content down!)15-Why it’s important to not be afraid of being uncomfortable or awkward with these conversations (note: but do at least some work/reading on your part first! Care enough to do your own research, it's step 1)18- Alysia’s personal experience with racism and having to worry about white people’s discomfort21-How early experiences with racism have shaped how Alysia approaches the topic with her white friends26- Alysia calling out all the Running media publications to do more Resources:Books- White Fragilityme and white supremacyInstagrams :@Theconsciouskid@rachel.cargleAlison on instagram and TwitterWebsiteHer programs:Harlem RunRunforAllWomenGlobalWoman RunCollective-encouraging more women leaders in running Her recent articles:Flotrack: on Race and Running Outside Magazine article: Ahmaud Arbery and Whiteness in the Running WorldHer Virtual Tour (see end of page)How she got started: 8 years ago was struggling with depression and saw someone training for a marathon, inspired her to start  running and it helped get her through it3:00 Running While Black:-She became a mom 10 months ago and this perspective, as well as her own as a black woman and distance runner,  compelled her to speak out, connected to Ahmaud Arbery murder in an even more personal way(contd. at our site!)

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