Part 1 Marriage Story movie breakdown

Part 1 Marriage Story movie breakdown

When I watched the movie Marriage Story on Netflix a little while ago, I couldn’t help but notice some of the characters' behavior in some of the more emotionally charged scenes from the perspective of a life coach. . And how for sure if they were my clients I would be able to coach them so that the story would have a different outcome. 😁 . I became such a fan of this movie I decided to tap into some of the content to share how coaching works in everyday life situations. Because movie or not, many couples struggle the way the characters in this film did. . I even struggled to keep it down to 3 simple parts, there was so much great stuff there! . Here’s what you’ll learn in Part 1: . ~ What really affects how we feel about someone . ~ How & why our feelings about another person can change . ~ The life coach’s formula for how to have a great relationship with anyone . If you’ve ever thought about how life coaching works with real-life situations, this  movie breakdown series is a must-listen. . For the full video version, head to the Kelly Heard Coaching Facebook page, or the Kelly Heard Coaching YouTube channel. . To learn how to get started with life coaching with me for FREE, head to

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