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113: Aileen Wuornos- Part 2

113: Aileen Wuornos- Part 2

Aileen Wuornos is said to be one of America’s first female serial killers not in a caregiving capacity. Her murders reflected an intense rage and violence that was previously not associated with women.  She killed at least 7 men between 1989-1990, claiming all were acts of self defense. She was later executed for her crimes.   Part 2 of 2.  Support the show at for ad-free episodes and immediate access to over 80 bonus episodes! Hang with us: Follow Us on Instagram (  Like Us on Facebook ( Join our Case Discussion Group on Facebook (   Get Killer Queens Merch (   Bonus Episodes ( By Supporting our Sponsors, you help us offer this show to you for free: Little Passports- Get 15% off the price of ANYsubscription. That means your child could be flying rockets or looking through a microscope in no time! Use offer code QUEENS at  Daily Harvest- For $25 off your first box, visit https://www.dailyharvest.comand enter promo code QUEENS at checkout.  Sundance Now- Try Sundance Now FREE for 30 days by going to and use our promo code queens.

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