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11 How To Leave Your Job

11 How To Leave Your Job

If you're like Ben or Sophia, at some point, you'll be leaving your job. When do you know its a good time to leave? And how do you do it without burning bridges?? In this episode we explore why Ben left his job, and how he did it! Here's the overview: He was no longer happy. He knows not every day will be perfect, but when he started dreading having to go into work and it was effecting his physical health, he knew it was time to leave. His role was becoming obsolete. The work started to slow down and he found he was spending more time reading the news than he was actually doing work. This also makes him stir crazy and unhappy, like he is wasting his time. He'll share how to prepare to leave and how to give your notice respectfully. Find Sophia at @ridiculouslyhappyppl / Find Benjamin at @benjamin_edward / Find KYSP at @kindofsortofpro

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