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13 Purging Toxic Personalities

13 Purging Toxic Personalities

Ben was supposed to have a day off, but NOPE, that didn't happen! There is never a day off when you are self-employed. Sophia is now writing for Our Homes,  is now an ambassador for BNI (which means she'll be responsible for 1 to 2 BNI chapters), she is the guest speaker for a local charity's AGM, and has NO weekends available until. She is gearing up for her busiest season to date, and because of these things, she is trying to maximize her time. Not spending time with toxic people is one of those things. She's had some personal social issues come up which have affected her relationships with good people, and she's not happy about it. So she is investing more time in good people, and reducing the amount of attention the others get. In this episode, Ben and Sophia talk about the types of toxic people you should probably ditch from your social circle. Here's what we look at: Negative people Self-absorbed people Unreliable people People who don't help you with or support your success Find Sophia at @ridiculouslyhappyppl / Find Benjamin at @benjamin_edward / Find KYSP at @kindofsortofpro Get Who's In Your Room: The Secret to Creating Your Best Life by Dr Ivan Misner, Stewart Emery, and Rick Sapio

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