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Benevolent Banter w/ Qassem Naim (On Fulfilment)

Benevolent Banter w/ Qassem Naim (On Fulfilment)

Fulfilment can be defined as 'the feeling of being happy and satisfied with your life because you are doing interesting, useful, or important things'. It can also be a fleeting feeling, a forever journey, & something so unattainable that (if you're like me) you can struggle to find the words adequate to explain what is fulfilling to you in the context of your own life. In this week's episode of #BenevolentBanter I chat to my friend Q for another instalment of "IQ, EQ, CQ" in which we lean hard into the emotional side of the EQ. In talking fulfilment we wax lyrical about personal & professional tickles of joy as well as the art of feeling great simply by helping others. This conversation, as with all conversations with Q, stretched my thought process & helped me think differently about what fills my batteries & my soul concurrently. Thank you, as always, for joining us! 

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