Quantum Transformation

S1Ep1: The Beginning Of The End

S1Ep1: The Beginning Of The End

Welcome to the Knock Off Your $hit podcast! If you ever wished for a podcast about spirituality, self-development, and self-help that didn't take itself too seriously, this show is for you. In our first episode... A Joan Rivers Bible Dip! Foul Language! A Celebrity Caller! Spiritual Assholes! Brady Bunch references! Sketches! Trashcanning Deepak Chopra! And more! In this first show we discuss what happiness is, and why the usual approach to attaining it just isn't working. So...what does?  At the end of the episode is a 20 minute guided meditation! Laugh a little, roll your eyes a lot, and then ground and center yourself by taking a relaxing journey within.

Duration: 1 hr 33 min

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