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Lane Nordlund is

Lane Nordlund is "Your Voice for Agriculture". Broadcasting on TV, Radio and Digital Media. Lane shares ag's story for all. Also subscribe to Talkinaglane on Apple, Google, Stitcher, ect Podcast Apps

Episodes: 97


Recession impacts on cattle markets

Duration: 51 min

AG Fox and U.S. AG Barr on Packer Profits

Duration: 7 min

MT Stockgrowers COVID-19 Update

Duration: 13 min

Ranching with Grizzlies

Duration: 25 min

Show 79: Brexit, EU trends & ag trade

Duration: 44 min

Show 78: A Bright Future For Ag

Duration: 24 min

PNW Canola Asso. takes root

Duration: 30 min

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