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Episode 2 Interview: Eric Simone, ClearBlade

Episode 2 Interview: Eric Simone, ClearBlade

Tab Schadt, CEO of DoubleHorn and Liftr Cloud, sits down with the CEO and founder of ClearBlade, Eric Simone, to converse about ClearBlade's business and cloud strategy. ClearBlade is a cloud-agnostic IoT platform that includes cloud, on-premises, and edge computing solutions. During this interview, the two discuss edge computing and how ClearBlade is helping organizations like Stanley Black & Deckerrun on a multi-cloud approach by utilizing AWS, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. ClearBlade is also working with BNSF Railway and Hudson Yards to leverage cloud and IoT for large-scale engineering.  Watch the full video here: Follow us on:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

Duration: 9 min

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