Thank You for the Venom

Thank You for the Venom

A. R. Olivieri writes, directs, & produces LIMBO.A. R. Olivieri acts as “David.”Jordan Cobb acts as “Rani.”Julia Morizawa acts as “Mom.”Sarah Golding acts as “Nonna.”Wil Williams acts as “Ohio.”Julia Schifini acts as “Dani.”Sarah Rhea Werner acts as “God.”Victoria Dubendorf acts as “Penny.”FreeSound.org provides all foley & sound design.LIMBO is a completed series, but there’s more micros! Try 2298, Magic King Dom, Great & Terrible, or Easiest of All the Hard Things. You also can purchase exclusive micros, only available at AROLIVIERI.com.Read the transcript here.

Duration: 7 min

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