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Halloween In The Spider Web - S1 E4 'Little Fires Everywhere' Recap & Review

Halloween In The Spider Web - S1 E4 'Little Fires Everywhere' Recap & Review

It’s Halloween time and everyone has different plans. The kids are at a party, Izzy breaks into Mia’s to do artwork and Elena tracks Mia to the chinese restaurant. When Elena officially finds out that Mia is involved in BeBe’s party crashing, it’s on. Elena goes on to visit BeBe where she tries to bribe her to not take Linda and Mark to court for the baby. When that goes haywire, Elena ends up telling Mia that she’s a terrible mother and they have it out, ending their working relationship. BeBe shows up at Mia’s and she agrees to get the money to help get her daughter back by selling the photograph that means the most to her. Pearl sneaks out and runs to stay the night at Elena’s with Mia soon to follow her. Things are not going well for Pearl, since she hooked up with Tripp and he yelled at her afterwards, he’s now avoiding her. Mia and BeBe have their first appointment with their lawyer. They took the story to the local news and everyone was exposed. We end with Mia’s newest art piece, her lighting an image of Elena on fire. Who Hosted The Show: Kay Montgomery @hostkay, Trina Dong @heytrinadong, Chef Beanz @chef_beanz, Monse Bolanos @monsebolanos Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit

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