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Journaling as a Path to Healing | S2E20

Journaling as a Path to Healing | S2E20

Bio:   Mari L. McCarthy is an award-winning and international bestselling author whose books Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live and Heal Yourself with Journaling Power have introduced people around the world to the power journaling has to help heal the body. After losing feeling and function in the right side of her body in 1998, Mari was diagnosed with MS. Undaunted, she took up a daily journaling practice which over time helped improve her MS symptoms to the extent that she is now an accomplished recording artist with three full-length albums. Mari’s website, CreateWriteNow.com, is the platform she runs to share her methods, expertise and passion for journaling.   Questions:   Can you please share with our audience a bit about your own personal story, and your journey since being diagnosed with MS? What are the key benefits of keeping a journal? Is there any link between journaling and healing? Do you think there’s a connection between your journaling and your music? Can keeping a journal actually improve our health? What are your best tips for someone who has never journaled to start journaling? Is it important to journal using pen and paper, or would a journaling app work just as well?   Links:   CreateWriteNow About Mari McCarthy CreateWriteNow Facebook CreateWriteNow Twitter CreateWriteNow YouTube   Coming up on our next episode:   Coming up next, treat yourself to a morsel of insight from OMS community member Vicky Argyle on Living Well with MS Coffee Break #2, which launches on Monday, April 20.   On the next full-length episode of Living Well with MS, launching May 6, 2020, Geoff Allix  gets a “macro” view on a critically important “micro” topic, Gut Health: Your Microbiome and You, from Kim Venter, a trained teacher, professional psychological counsellor and nutritional consultant, who helps us understand the connection between gut health and the immune system.   Don’t miss out:   Subscribe to this podcast and never miss an episode. You can catch any episode of Living Well with MS here or on your favorite podcast listening app. Don’t be shy – if you like the program, leave a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you tune into the show.

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