#107 - Government Benefits

#107 - Government Benefits

SSI and SSDI are widely used government benefits. Our guest has 35+ years with the Social Security Administration and shares tips and tricks of the application process and what to do should the application be denied. About the Guest: Marlene Ulisky is a Disability Benefits Expert with the ABLE National Resource Center and a Manager of Financial Empowerment and Disability Benefits at the National Disability Institute.  She retired from the Social Security Administration after a 35+ year career.  She was one of 58 Area Work Incentives Coordinators from across the country who developed expertise in SSA employment support programs. After her retirement from SSA she was certified as a Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor through Virginia Commonwealth University, worked for the Florida Office of Vocational Rehabilitation as a Consultant to establish the Partnership Plus Program under the Ticket to Work legislation and was later contracted by SSA to assist them with managing critical integrity workloads. She continues to work as a disability consultant for the State of Florida and for private individuals. She is the proud Aunt of an individual with an intellectual disability and she has helped him to achieve his goals. ***This episode is the 7th of 12 focusing on Special Needs Financial Planning ***Find Kim on Instagram @journey2lomah

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