#108 - Finding Financial Resources

#108 - Finding Financial Resources

The estimated lifelong cost of living with a disability is $3 - $4 million dollars. This episode uncovers 35 financial and caregiver support considerations. Show notes, including the list of 35 considerations can be found at https://www.lomah.org/podcastseason4/108 About the Guest: Penny is a certified financial planner specializing in helping families with special needs children prepare and plan for the future. Penny’s middle son, born with muscular dystrophy, has been instrumental in illuminating what’s important to her: faith, time with family and friends, good medical care, living a life of one’s choosing, hope, and the ability to fund current and future needs while enjoying life today. Special Needs Planning, involving life planning, resource planning, legal planning and traditional and creative financial planning (such as blending and leveraging of funding sources and effective advocacy) is a specialty practice area for Penny.

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