Episode 392: David Haskell

Episode 392: David Haskell

David Haskell is the editor-in-chief of New York Magazine. “Fingers crossed, knock on wood, we've got time here. You can't ever take that for granted, but I think it's fair to indulge a long-term perspective. More than fair, actually — I think it's part of the job, for me at least, to be plotting and dreaming years out. And to be fashioning the magazine toward that long-term vision as gingerly as I can without it breaking.” Thanks to Mailchimp, Pitt Writers, Squarespace, and Literati for sponsoring this week's episode. @DavidGHaskell davidhaskell.us Kings County Distillery [13:29] "Rich Corona, Poor Corona: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Thrives" (New York Magazine • April 2020) [15:00] I Was Caroline Calloway (Natalie Beach • The Cut) [30:10] "What is College Without the Campus?" (New York Magazine • May 2020)

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