Episode 393: Isaac Chotiner

Episode 393: Isaac Chotiner

Isaac Chotiner conducts interviews for The New Yorker. “People like to talk. They like to be asked questions, generally. In the space that I’m doing most interviews, which is politics or politics-adjacent, people have strong views and like to express them. It may be just as simple as that.” Thanks to Mailchimp and Pitt Writers for sponsoring this week's episode. @IChotiner Chotiner on Longform Chotiner's New Yorker archive [08:03] "V.S. Naipaul on the Arab Spring, Authors He Loathes, and the Books He will Never Write" (The New Republic • Dec 2012) [25:16] Talk (New York Times Magazine) [28:30] He Was a Science Star. Then He Promoted a Questionable Cure for Covid-19." (New York Times Magazine • May 2020) [29:24] "What We Know About Masks and the New Coronavirus" (New Yorker • April 2020)

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