Episode 397: Jacqueline Charles with Patrice Peck

Episode 397: Jacqueline Charles with Patrice Peck

Jacqueline Charles is the Caribbean correspondent at the .Miami Herald Guest host Patrice Peck is a freelance journalist and writes the newsletterCoronavirus News for Black Folks. "There are things that you see that if you start taking it in, you’re never going to stop and you’re not going to be able to do your job…I have family in all of these countries and when disaster strikes, you can’t help everyone. But what you hope is that with your pen, with your voice, with your recording of history…somebody somewhere will feel compelled to do something. So that’s what keeps me going." MailchimpApple BooksThanks to and for sponsoring this week's episode. @Jacquiecharles Charles’s archive at Miami Herald [58:45] "Flowers and Calls for Unity Mark Haiti’s 10th Anniversary Quake Commemoration" (Miami Herald • January 2020) [1:03:30] "Journalist Jacqueline Charles, Child of the Caribbean" (South Florida Times • July 2011) [1:03:30] “NABJ Names Miami Herald’s Jacqueline Charles Journalist of the Year” (National Association of Black Journalists • 2011) [1:04:15] Patrick Farrell’s 2009 Pulitzer Prize

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