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Episode 97 - Be Not Afraid

Episode 97 - Be Not Afraid

Helen freaks out when she realizes what she’s able to do, and Ricardo has a theory about where the magic comes from.----more---- Written by Erin KyanProduced by Passer Vulpes ProductionsRecorded by Kermie Breydon and Eris BarnesKane voiced by Lee Davis-ThalbourneJulie voiced by Nicola RummeryMira voiced by Tahlia CelennHelen voiced by Ashe ConnorStorm voiced by Creatrix TiaraRicardo voiced by Justin Jones LiCredits voiced by Roslyn Quin Cover art by Soufex Parsons Cope: Transcript of this episode: video of this episode: Like the show? Please consider backing us via our Patreon! Get access to secret Discord channels, monthly livestreams, behind-the-scenes sneak peaks and more! To become a Patron, or to find out more go to! Find out more about us at, and follow @LoveLuckPodcast on twitter, on Facebook as Love and Luck Podcast, on Instagram as loveandluckpodcast, or on Tumblr as loveandluckpodcast.

Duration: 14 min

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