12: Joe Colombo (Part 2)

12: Joe Colombo (Part 2)

Colombo was flooded with cash from his numerous rackets and enjoying the good life. Distress grew in the highest circles of the Mafia that law enforcement scrutiny would intensify because of Colombo’s actions. And he gained even more attention when he used the growing civil rights movement as retaliation against the FBI. Our Sponsors for this episode are: Light Stream ( Mafia's theme is "Spellbound Hell" by Damiano Baldoni ( . Music in this episode is ”Misery" by Damiano Baldoni; "Fog," "Lucerna," and "She-Wolf In My Heart" by Sergey Cheremisinov ( ; "Dark Alleys," "Difference," "Imminence," "January," "Snowfall (Intro)," and "Universe In Hands" by Kai Engel ( ; "Showdown" by How The Night Came; "Unanswered Questions" by Kevin MacLeod ( . Sound Effects from ( | Additional sound effects from ( . Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ( .

Duration: 30 min

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