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Make Friends Radio - Episode 34 Feat. Jon Anthoni

Make Friends Radio - Episode 34 Feat. Jon Anthoni

Episode 34 Featuring: Jon Anthoni Soundcloud: Facebook: Nine Sixteen: Instagram: Nine Sixteen: Due to the increasing concerns revolving around the coronavirus we have forgone the interview this episode as we felt it was our social responsibility. Originally we were scheduled to chat with Jon about his new record label Nine Sixteen Muzik. His label has been getting a lot of recognition as of late and wanted to do our part to spread the word (See the link above). Fortunately for us, Mr. Fix My Sink, a.k.a Mr. Tower Club aka Mr. Jon Anthoni has submitted a mid-tempo funky, hip hop inspired jam session that we hope each of you enjoys as much as we did! Please throw some love Jon's way and let us know what you think! As always thank you for the continued support!

Duration: 49 min

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