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Make Friends Radio - Episode 35 Feat. SubRhythm

Make Friends Radio - Episode 35 Feat. SubRhythm

Episode 35 Featuring: Aaron Quinn a.k.a. SubRhythm Soundcloud: @subrhythmsac Facebook: Instagram: With the growing concerns around COVID 19 and the imposed social distancing and stay in place orders, it is more important now than ever to show support in any way possible within our community. Those of us in a position to support financially by getting meals or buying merch should consider helping prop these scene contributors up. Those of us not in a financial place to do so should communicate to get the help that they need and themselves should consider helping to prop others up or help launch businesses by throwing likes or helping to spread the word. We are in this together and no matter how driven apart we have gotten by the political landscape, now is the time for us to take a step back and realize the full potential and kindness of our community. To help ease the burden of the corona woes, we received a mix from none other than Aaron Quinn a.k.a. Mr. SubRhythm. He has been a contributor to these scene for as long as I can remember, bringing incredible artists to our city alongside other Sacramento staples. Please join us in showing our boy some love in these hectic times As always thank you for the continued support!

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