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Make Friends Radio - Episode 40 Feat. Josh Pierson & Junior DeVega

Make Friends Radio - Episode 40 Feat. Josh Pierson & Junior DeVega

Episode 40 Featuring: Josh Pierson & Junior DeVega This Episode's Guest: Josh Pierson Facebook: Instagram: Movie: Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (2020) Featured DJ: Junior DeVega Instagram: Mixcloud: Be on the lookout August 1st for another run of merch if you missed out on the first run. We are finally back on track for interviews and in this episode, we are joined by our new friend Josh Pierson as we discuss his new movie "Where Sleeping Dogs Lie." The story is a neo-noir tale of lust, deceit, betrayal, and murder with unfortunate twists and turns throughout. It dropped recently on multiple video services and we would like to encourage you to check it out and support our local arts scene. During our conversation, we discussed the movie, the process, photography, and just had an all-around good time making new friends. And if the sound of our voices isn't enough, the video should be up on Youtube as well. We were also joined by a longtime Sacramento scene contributor dating back to the 80's, Mr. Junior Devega. We recently met after I heard one of his mixes from his "Heritage" series on Mixcloud. With contributions to some of the major house hotspots throughout the decades, like Faces, Tower Club, and now with his crate-digging night Vault at B-Sides, Junior has built a groovy sound that we are thrilled to share with you! Help us show love to our two new friends and as always, thank you for your love and support! If you enjoy our offerings, please follow us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Mixcloud & Twitch under " Make Friends Radio."

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