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Make Friends Radio - Episode 41 Feat. Marcelas Howard & Zephyr

Make Friends Radio - Episode 41 Feat. Marcelas Howard & Zephyr

Episode 41 Featuring: Marcelas Howard & Zephyr This Episode's Guest: Marcelas Howard Instagram: Podcast: Facebook: Featured DJ: Zephyr Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: Twitch: If you missed the last merch run and you want to support the show, a limited run is available until August 15th: Fortunately, interviews have returned and this month we are joined by local social media sensation Marcelas Howard. He is well known for his basketball videos and is beloved by his 534 thousand followers. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with the backyard legend himself. We talked about creativity, his injuries, video games, and the opportunities his career has presented him. I hope everyone enjoys our conversation as much as we did and please help me make my friend Marcels feel welcome! In the wise words of my fiancee, "Zephyr is dope!!" Lucky for you, he is also our guest mix this month. This Sammie award-winning DJ is a major contributor to the Sacramento music scene as the host of Bacterium, and an event DJ at some of the most prestigious events like Concert In The Park, and a member of the band Element Of Soul. It is my absolute pleasure to present you with Zephyr's wild mix, so please help us show some love to our new friends! Thank you for your love and support! If you enjoy our offerings, please follow us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Mixcloud & Twitch under " Make Friends Radio."

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