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Episode 12: Nathaniel Linville - Angling Genius

Episode 12: Nathaniel Linville - Angling Genius

Wherever you look in life, you’ll find exceptional individuals who stand alone, capable of changing the game. Their names will forever have an asterisk aside them.Nathaniel Linville is one of those names. He has thrown the permit world and its perception of success off its axis, but getting there he had to survive some of life’s most devastating bombs. For a number of years his life was that of a hub cap knocked loose at 100mph.His academia had a similar road map. He was expelled from high school and his college residency had six different zip codes including some overseas. His abyss was dark and deep with just a sliver of light. But that light eventually found the owner of this lost soul and Nathaniel started to claw his way out.On today’s episode, The Angling Company’s store owner talks of his labyrinth road to recovery, his methodology to his staggering permit numbers, and his nine year war he and Steve Huff waged to capture his monster world record tarpon on 6lb test.

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