Mitch Woodbine

#02 - Artificial Intelligence

#02 - Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, we have a general discussion about AI and how this will impact our society.We go over a few topics: - Elon Musk and his OpenAI program preventing the release of a text-generator - Google and their breast cancer detection AI systems along with AlphaGo - Facebook and their chat-bots that were taken offline - DeepFakes - Job Automation and the likelihood that we will all lose our jobs, as well as some ways we can work around this issue - UBI ( Universal Basic Income ) and how we can implement this without government intervention - BlockChain and how this technology along with AI can help further our society for the better - True AI or General AI and the repercussions of this technology - Samsung and their new 'Neon Artificial Human' program

Duration: 37 min

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