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Burned Out? Recovery Strategies for You, Your Loved Ones and Your Team with Dr. Manuel Astruc

Burned Out?  Recovery Strategies for You, Your Loved Ones and Your Team with Dr. Manuel Astruc

Welcome back to another episode of the MOJO Maker Podcast. The world is a different place; everyday things are changing and we are finding and navigating new normals in every aspect of life. Whether it’s your job, your family, how you have fun, or even how you cope with stress — everything seems to be changing. Today’s guest, Dr. Manuel Astruc, is a practicing psychiatrist and also a coach. His philosophy and background are all focused on helping us live the most impactful life and the importance of understanding the impact of things that we do, which create our own barriers to having the kind of life that we want. As we continue in this swirl around COVID-19, Dr. Astruc is the perfect guest to have on the show. During our conversation, we discuss a lot of different topics relating to stress and burnout, empathy, and gratitude — a great guide whether you’re an executive or whether this pandemic is impacting you as an individual. Listen carefully and take out a notepad because there are so many nuggets in this episode! Key Points From This Episode:Dr. Astruc shares the background story of his path into psychiatry and coaching.We hear some strategies that individuals can apply during this difficult time.The power of hope and what it can do for the individual.The importance of making manageable changes and doing things differently, consistently.How negative environments can lead to depletion.Principles for implementing exercise or movement, without “falling off the wagon.” Dr. Astruc shares his “Gratitude Practice” and keeping to something bigger than ourselves.The importance of living with a “Radical Amazement” attitude.How to up-level your empathy and why it’s important.We need to remember that we should be honored to lead others.

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