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Hygiene Training Badge

In this podcast  Tiffany and Rachel talk about hygiene for kids and all the “fun” things it means to train your kids mentally and physically for their current and future hygiene needs. · Rachel talks about why we have to ask our kids so many times before they just do it. · Tiffany talks about why her daughter avoided brushing her teeth · Tiffany talks about the time a spider fell in her daughters hair and how it helped her take showers ·  Rachel talks about how hygiene isn’t on the mind of one of her children · Tiffany talks about slime shampoo · Rachel and Tiffany talk about puberty ·  Rachel and Tiffany go down the rabbit hole · Tiffany and Rachel talk about teaching kids selfcare · Rachel talks about teaching boys self care Links to your sources (We could not find the Pancake puberty video… it is called I got it! I think!) Here are some videos from the 90’s that are just as fun. Rachel’s Reddit article Good Morning America Teacher hack: Don’t forget to follow us here: Instagram: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Pinterest: Twitter: We would love to hear from you wither it be on instagram, facebook or even email we want to know your stories, advice and what we could do better. Also don’t forget to tell your friends to hit subscribe button and leave a review so other Fantastic moms like you can find our podcast to.

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