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I may have bribed my child.....Badge

I may have bribed my child.....Badge

In this podcast  Tiffany and Rachel take on the great debate is it okay to bribe, and reward your kids, the answer may surprise you! · Rachel and Tiffany talk about the great debate · Rachel talks about a time she bribed her kid ·  Tiffany tells what the difference between bribery and rewards · Rachel and Tiffany talk about how they have bribed their kids together · Rachel tells another definition of bribery vs reward ·  Tiffany and Rachel talk about natural rewards ·  Rachel and Tiffany go down the rabbit hole ·  Tiffany gets on her soap box on the difference between chores and responsibilities · Rachel talks about how she bribes herself to do things around the house · Tiffany and Rachel kinda answer the question is it good or bad to reward/bribe your kids Links Rachel definition of bribery source,the%20middle%20of%20a%20crisis.&text=Bribes%20teach%20children%20that%20they%20can,they%20want%20by%20acting%20out. Rachel’s link Psychology Today Article Tiffany’s News Articles Bribing article from the US British Article Washington Post on Why it’s okay Don’t forget to follow us here: Instagram: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Pinterest: Twitter: We would love to hear from you wither it be on instagram, facebook or even email we want to know your stories, advice and what we could do better. Also don’t forget to tell your friends to hit subscribe button and leave a review so other Fantastic moms like you can find our podcast to.

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