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I Ruined My Kids Day Badge

I Ruined My Kids Day Badge

In this podcast  Tiffany and Rachel talk about how they ruined their kids life. We have all been there you asked your kids to put on pants, unload the dishwasher or eat their veggies and they looked at you and said something along the lines of you ruined my life. What do you do laugh, cry get mad or all of the above. · Rachel talks about the most recent time she ruined her kid’s life ·  Tiffany talks about a past vacation that ruined her daughters life · Rachel and Tiffany share Facebook and Instagram stories · Tiffany and Rachel go down the rabbit hole · Rachel and Tiffany talk about what to do when you feel like you ruined your kids life Links Rachel’s link on mom about homeschool during quarantine Rachel’s Rabbit Hole Link Tiffany’s Rabbit Hole Link Special thanks to Kira Tripreportpodcast @ Thank you so much for commenting and contributing to our podcast, enjoy your Redbox movie night on us! Don’t forget to follow us here: Instagram: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Pinterest: Twitter: We would love to hear from you wither it be on instagram, facebook or even email we want to know your stories, advice and what we could do better. Also don’t forget to tell your friends to hit subscribe button and leave a review so other Fantastic moms like you can find our podcast to.

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