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Mom Badge- I Kept a Mom Friend

Mom Badge- I Kept a Mom Friend

Welcome to Mom Badge Podcast on today’s episode we are talking about mom friends and how hard it is to not only make them but also keep them! · Rachel explains why making mom friends is like dating · Tiffany and Rachel talk about how hard it is to make mom friends · Tiffany tells a time she self sabotaged a friendship · Rachel talks about a shocking New York Times study about how many women have mom friends · Tiffany tries to pick up Rachel with funny mom pick up lines · Rachel talks about the mindset to make a new best friend · Tiffany and Rachel share where you can meet friends · Tiffany Shares her four tips on making and keeping mom friends · Rachel and Tiffany talk about toxic Friendship · Tiffany and Rachel end it challenging you to go make a mom friend! Links to your sources New York Times Poll Pickup lines to find friends The pickup lines used in this episode Latchkey mama’s instagram page: Don’t forget to follow us here: Instagram: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Pinterest: Twitter: We would love to hear from you wither it be on instagram, facebook or even email we want to know your stories, advice and what we could do better. Also don’t forget to tell your friends to hit subscribe button and leave a review so other Fantastic moms like you can find our podcast to.

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