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Mom Badge- I Survived Summer Vacation

Mom Badge- I Survived Summer Vacation

This week on Mom Badge Podcast we talk about 2020’s summer vacation. We talk about what we are looking forward to as well as memories from the past. We also talk about ideas on what you can do to remain sane this summer. · Rachel and Tiffany talk about what they are looking forward to for summer · Rachel and Tiffany ask their kids about their favorite summer trip · Tiffany and Rachel talk about visiting family and slowing down · Rachel and Tiffany talk about a time they went camping together · Rachel talks about her mom hack, a kids summer check list · Tiffany and Rachel talk about different ways their kids were creative during the summer · Tiffany talks about unusual way to get her teenager out of bed · Rachel and Tiffany get off topic about child/teen hygiene · Tiffany shares a Believe it or not reddit story about one person’s vacation · Rachel and Tiffany talk about summer road trips ·  Tiffany and Rachel talk about an unrealistic New York Time article · Tiffany and Rachel talk about creating special memories · Rachel and Tiffany challenge you to create and share awesome summer stories Bios for your guests (if we have a guest) Give a quick summary of your guests. Keep it to less than 75 words Links to your sources Screen time quote: Reddit Story link Usa Today story on Summer 2020 Vacations New York Times Story on Backyard vacation Don’t forget to follow us here: Instagram: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Pinterest: Twitter: We would love to hear from you wither it be on instagram, facebook or even email we want to know your stories, advice and what we could do better. Also don’t forget to tell your friends to hit subscribe button and leave a review so other Fantastic moms like you can find our podcast to.

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