J. David Stein

Don't Retire, Settle Instead

Don't Retire, Settle Instead

How to find your unique work that can bring satisfaction and income before and during the traditional retirement years.Topics discussed in this episode include:What is settled work.Why you need time and space to find and do your best work.What is a commonplace book and why it can be helpful.How filters and saying no can help us control our time.The important role of serendipity in finding our path.Thanks to The Great Courses Plus and Vistaprint (use code David50) for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:20] An antique lamp store in Phoenix[3:10] The concept of “Settled Work”[5:30] How do we find our settled work?[7:40] David’s commonplace book[12:15] Why we need settled work[15:00] Take time to reflect[16:05] Take back control of your time[18:00] The art of saying “no”[21:00] Capturing Serendipity

Duration: 25 min

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